Asia Winner Industrial Ltd., always had a dream of a healthy nation called Myanmar. In November 2005 the company attached a new feather in its cap by leaping into the field of medicines for the health care of it's citizen. We have started marketing and distribution of life saving medicines for the people of Myanmar with HQ at Yangon. We are promoting and distributing various types of medicines through our branch offices based at all the major cities/towns of the country. At present we are importing different categories of medicines from India, Bangladesh and Korea. Dedicated sales personnels are regularly interacting with the potential Doctors of important hospitals and clinics of Myanmar and successfully serving the ailing patients through their prescriptions.

Our product range include Multi Active Vitamin (Aronamin Gold Tab) from Korea, Specific Capillary Haemostat ( K-Stat Tab & Inj ) from India and Local Anaesthetic Injection (Jasocaine & Jasocaine "A") from Bangladesh with many other category of drugs. Further, we are negotiating with some more renowned Pharmaceutical companies of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for expansion of products with new molecules.

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The multi ACTIVE (Acid stable) vitamin preparation with highest concentration of ACTIVE vitamin B1 50mg "TTFD"
i.e Thiamin Tetrahydro Furfuryl Disulfide) per tablet.
2. K-STAT Injection & Tablet Specific Capillary Heamostat (Etamsylate).

Injection : Etamsylate 250mg/2ml ampoule
Tablets : Etamsylate 250mg & 500mg/Tablet

3. Megafen Plus Injection : Painless Diclofenac Injection.
Naproson Tablet : Powerful NSAID (Naproxen Sodium 275mg eq.to 250mg Naproxen/Tablet).
4. Ranison Tab & Injection : Ranitidine 150mg Tab & 50mg/amp Injection
5. Nerviplex Injection : Vitamin B1,B6 & B12 Injection
6. Troz Tablet : Metronidazole 200mg Tablet
Metason Suspension : Metronidazole 200mg/5ml
7. Jasocaine 2% Injection : Local Anaesthetic Injection (Lidocaine 2%)
Jasocanie - A 2% Injection :Lidocaine 2% with Adrenaline Injection
8. Oracip Tablet : Ciprofloxacin Tab 250mg
9. Troxole Tablet : Albendazole 400mg Chewable Tablet
10. Histacin Tablet & Syrup : Time tested Anti-histaminic
(Chlorpheniramine Maleate Tablet 4mg & Syrup 2mg/5ml)